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Himani Sachdeva - Publications

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  • Sachdeva H. (2019)
    Effect of partial selfing and polygenic selection on establishment in a new habitat.
    Evolution 73: 1729-1745.

  • Sachdeva H., and Barton N. (2018)
    Replicability of introgression under linked, polygenic selection.
    Genetics 210: 1411-1427.

  • Sachdeva H., and Barton N. (2018)
    Introgression of a block of genome under infinitesimal selection.
    Genetics 209: 1279-1303.

  • Sachdeva H., and Barton N. (2017)
    Divergence and evolution of assortative mating in a polygenic trait model of speciation with gene flow.
    Evolution 71: 14781493.

  • Sachdeva H., Barma M., and Rao M. (2016)
    Nonequilibrium description of de novo biogenesis and transport through Golgi-like cisternae.
    Scientific Reports, 6, 38840.

  • Sachdeva H., and Barma M. (2014)
    Analytical Study of Giant Fluctuations and Temporal Intermittency in an Aggregation Model.
    J. Stat. Phys. 154, 950.

  • Sachdeva H., Barma M., and Rao. M. (2013)
    Condensation and intermittency in an open-boundary aggregation-fragmentation model.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 150601.

  • Sachdeva H., Barma M., and Rao. M. (2011)
    Multi-species model with inter-conversion, chipping and injection.
    Phys. Rev. E 84, 031106.