Himani's CV




Ph.D. and MSc., Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai: Aggregation-Fragmentation Models for Transport in a Biological System.
BSc. (Hons), Physics, St. Stephen's College (University of Delhi)

Academic and Research Appointments

since 2020


University assistant (senior postdoc) at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna
Postdoctoral fellow at the IST Austria (Barton group)
ISTFELLOW Postdoctoral fellow at the IST Austria (Academic host: Nick Barton)

Fundings and scholarships



ESEB Outreach Initiative Funds for organising a correspondence series in evolutionary biology for high school students (jointly with B. Trubenová).
ISTFELLOW postdoctoral fellowship, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Co-Fund program

Research Interests

I use mathematical and computational approaches to investigate the effects of polygenic selection on adaptive response within populations and adaptive differentiation between populations.
Specific research projects relate to understanding a) the effects of linkage during polygenic adaptation, b) the evolutionary interplay between adaptive architecture and mating system, c) the effects of polygenic adaptation on the eco-evolutionary dynamics of sub-divided and marginal populations.

Teaching Experience


Mathematical ecology exercise course, University of Vienna
Applications of Stochastic Processes graduate course (co-instructor), IST Austria
Graduate core course (teaching assistant), IST Austria
Statistical Physics graduate course (teaching assistant), TIFR Mumbai

Talks (selected)








Invited seminar talk at Vetmeduni (Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics seminar series), Vienna (Austria): The role of weakly selected, linked genetic variants during polygenic adaptation.
Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), Turku/Åbo (Finland): Selection response from standing variation at linked loci in the infinitesimal limit.
Satellite meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE), Vienna (Austria): Introgression of a block of genome with many weakly selected variants.
Early Career Speaker at the Fisher Centenary Meeting, Edinburgh (UK): Introgression under the infinitesimal model with linkage.
Invited seminar talk at Simons Center, NCBS, Bengaluru (India): Modeling the dynamics of a genome with a large number of weakly selected variants.
50th Population Genetics Group Meeting, Cambridge (UK): Evolution of assortative mating in a polygenic model of speciation with gene flow.
Invited seminar talk at the TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabad (India): How intermixing populations evolve into distinct biological species: insights from a theoretical model.

Other Experience

since 2017

Supervision of

Referee for

Development of a correspondence series Selected Topics in Evolutionary Biology for high school students in Austria and Slovakia (jointly with B. Trubenova and K. Hudakova), and co-authorship for several articles for the same. (Website)
Eniko Szép's PhD project “Stochastic eco-evolutionary models of polygenic adaptation in marginal habitats” (co-supervision)
Parvathy Surendranadh's rotation project “Sweeps of single versus multiple linked loci under selection” (co-supervision)
Ahina Nandy's internship project “Role of migration in maintaining variability in a meta-population under stabilizing selection”
Genetics, Evolution, Molecular Ecology, Theoretical Population Biology and The American Naturalist..